1 day Masterclass in Collaborative Writing, Tamasha Theatre Company (fee)

Image of Paper Tiger via Tamasha

Date: Saturday 28th September 2013, 10am – 6pm
Venue: Bush Theatre (Attic), W12 see here>

This 1 day masterclass will introduce different ways to approach writing and editing collaboratively. As many writers increasingly work across theatre, opera, film and TV, they encounter multiple models of ‘collaboration’ at various stages in the writing process: from feedback notes emailed to the solitary author, to simultaneous co-authoring by a group of writers sat around a table.

In this context, group writing can often be a muddy affair to navigate! This masterclass will embrace the mess, by focussing on particular details that are created within a collective panorama. We will unpack ways to:
– Identify core stimuli to write from and/or respond to
– Generate material as a group
– Plot and structure a collective narrative
– Playfully edit a collective script using simultaneous dramaturgy

Paper Tiger
is an emerging collective of theatre and film makers, working collaboratively and autonomously, who have co–written in the past and, with the support of Arts Council England, are working together on three new scripts in development. They are currently resident as Associate Artists at Ovalhouse.

Cost: £30 per participant.
[Please note that payment must be received in advance, upon confirmation that you have been allocated a place. If you cancel your place on or after Friday 20 September then they will be unable to refund your fee.]

To apply and for more information, see here: www.tamasha.org.uk/collaborative-writing/

Deadline: Friday 13 September 2013 at noon

Source:  Arts Council e-newsletter

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