2016 Saroyan/Paul Human Rights Playwriting Prize ($10,000 prize, $20 entry fee)

The new revised mission of the $10,000 2016 Saroyan/Paul Human Rights Playwriting Prize invites stimulating new works that explore socially and politically charged themes about Human Rights /Social Justice. Our aim is to harness theatre’s ability to make a relevant impact on our global society today.

What to submit:  They are looking for insightful and engaging plays that imaginatively interpret this aim – stories on injustice, inequality, and those reducing the human and environmental cost of violence and those finding new ways of promoting a healthier and more peaceful, harmonious global community. They aim to find artists with courageous voices, imagination, and stories that uphold human dignity.

For more details about this theme and how it should be addressed, please see the competition website.

Additionally, scripts must meet the following criteria:

  1. Contest is restricted to original plays written in the English language.
  2. Worldwide submissions accepted.
  3. All Submissions must be submitted electronically in the form of a PDF.
  4. Scripts must have received a professional reading and/or workshop, but not a production prior to submission deadline.
  5. Plays must be full length (Min. of 60 mins.) and adhere to standard playwriting format.
  6. No adaptations or children’s plays.
  7. Plays must have Human Rights/Social Justice at heart.
  8. Submissions not following exact rules as stated will be disqualified.
  9. Only “invited” playwrights will be asked to submit scripts after sending in synopsis.


  • 1st Place Award: $10,000, Staged Reading
  • 2 Finalists: Final Draft Software, ($350 value) Staged Reading
  • Armenian Excellence Award: In continuing with the work of previous years to support Armenian stories and artists, a special $2500 prize, the Kondazian Playwriting Award for Armenian Stories, will be awarded to an outstanding play on an Armenian theme.

How to apply:  

  • Until February 7, 2016, they are accepting half page synopses (200-300 words) of your play and a few sentences about how you think your play engages with a “Human Rights/Social Justice” theme. If the play meets the new criteria, you will be notified to submit your script. If invited to send in your play, please email 2 electronic PDF submissions to adaa@armeniandrama.org, first including your name and second without your name. (Any appearance of the playwright’s name, initials or other identifiable marks on any part of the blind script will disqualify the entry)
  • The cover page of first script must include – the title of the play, the playwright’s full name, address, email and phone number
  • If you are invited to submit, please make $20 entry fee payment online at armeniandrama.org
  • If you are invited to submit, the script submission deadline will be  April 24, 2016.

Fee:  The $20 application fee is required only if you are invited to submit after sending in a synopsis of your work.

Deadline: 1 February 2016 7 February 2016 (for submission of synopses)

Source:  Playwriting UK Facebook Group

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