Duelling Productions seeking short plays for production by McConnell New Writing Fund (profit share)

Duelling Productions will offer three/four playwrights the opportunity to have a short play of theirs performed on the London Fringe in 2016. The event will take place at Theatro Technis and it will run on a profit share basis.

Duelling Productions is a London based Film and Theatre production company. Founded in 2013, Duelling Productions’ mission is to support and harness emerging talent, providing the necessary platform and steps for those starting out in the industry.

They are pleased to announce ‘The McConnell New Writing Fund’ in memory of the late playwright and the company’s dear friend, Jean McConnell.

 Key dates:

  • Rehearsals 19th-23rd March
  • Technical Rehearsals 24th March
  • Performances 25th, 26th (Incl. Matinee and Eve) March

What to submit: They are looking for three/four playwrights and two/three directors to kickstart this new scheme. They are seeking short plays ignited by the theme ‘POWER’ – please interpret this as you will. The short plays should range from anything between 10-20 minutes in length. The number of plays programmed will depend on the lengths of those selected. Previous writing experience is not essential.

How to apply:  Applications can be made via the Hiive application page.

Deadline:  17 January 2016 at 5pm

Source:  Hiive via Playwriting UK Facebook Group

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