28 Plays Later: Take The Space’s February daily writing challenge (£15 entry, finishers share profits)

28 Plays Later is inviting you to write a short play every day during the month of February.

Finishers  will share profits and perhaps have a well-deserved beer at The Space performing arts centre on the Isle of Dogs.

The Space says: “Plays can be good, bad, inspired, embarrassingly dreadful – the only thing that’s important is that you write them.

“This is not as complicated or as hard as you may think. You will need to be committed but we’re not looking for perfectly polished pieces ready to perform. It might be hard to produce your best work on a daily basis but hopefully you will come up with a few good ideas which you could develop at a later stage.  You don’t need to dedicate too much time for it, either, you could write the play on your commute to work or even on a comfort break. There are no rules about how long each play needs to be.

“There are no plans for production of these works, When when it’s all done, locals could meet at the Space and read some of our best submissions, whilst drinking some of our best beers.”

How it works:  You commit £15 to the project and, at the end of February, the money will be split between all the survivors who make it 28 plays later (minus 20% commission that the Space will take for administration).

How to join:

  1. To register, email Sebastian at playslater28@gmail.comHe will send you account details to donate £19.28 by 28th of January.
  2. During February, you will receive an inspiring instruction every day at about 10pm, to help you along the way and get your creative juices flowing. You don’t have to follow the instructions, but boy is it more fun if you do! You will then have 36 hours to write and send your play in, which will be due by 10am the following-following day.
  3. You will send the play to playslater28@gmail.com– don’t miss the deadline, or you will be disqualified.
  4. At the beginning of March, the money will be divided between all those who have managed to write, and send 28 short plays on time.

Deadline:  28 January 2017

Source:  Facebook

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