Game-writing opportunity for trainees on Zombies, Run! (paid)

Zombies, Run!, the smartphone health and fitness app that has topped the charts regularly since its launch in 2012, is looking for two or three trainee writers.

It has been downloaded over 3 million times and its lead writer and co-creator, Naomi Alderman, has been responsible for the production of five seasons of the game.

Now she’s looking for two or three trainee writers to join her and see if they have what it takes to join the writing team for the next season.

What skills you need:  Story lining, editing, dialogue and ideas – you’ll have the chance to look at all of these skills as part of this traineeship, and if you excel, well, you’ll get an additional fee and a foot in the door of writing for games and the online world.

You’re over 18. You can write. You can plot a story. You can work to deadlines. You can take and give useful criticism. You can travel to London or work via Skype with the team over the course of the traineeship. You have the capacity for a potential trip to Israel in 2017.

What you get in return:   a fee, a mentor, a network, an opportunity.

How to apply: Download the details here .

Naomi says please make your application in good time and only  mail Naomi with a question about the process if you really can’t find the answer you need in the details attached.

Deadline: 31 January 2017 at midnight

Source:  @NaomiAllthenews

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