89th Productions seeking full-length plays for production

89th Productions is a newly established collaborative production company based in London, looking for fresh ideas and compelling full-length plays to develop and produce.

They are currently working in association with the Writers Avenue, that offers a platform for storytellers (writers, directors, musicians…), to come together and work on projects from start to finish. Each production will be carefully planned, allowing them to develop and implement a marketing plan in order to ensure successful delivery. These collaborations will also provide a unique opportunity for them to make the best ideas happen, grow networks and build broader, wider, deeper relationships with diverse audiences.

What to submit/How to apply: Submissions should be sent to hello@89thproductions.com. Along with your play, you should submit a bio about yourself, a synopsis of the play, and a character breakdown including age and gender. Plays must NOT have been staged or published before.

Deadline: 31 August 2017 at 5pm

Source: Direct contact

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