A Friend of a Friend Productions seeking short plays about Southwark in ‘What’s Your Story?’ (Southwark-based writers only)

in ‘What’s Your Story?’, A Friend of a Friend Productions has been commissioned by Southwark Council to bring new theatre writing to Blackfriars. They will be presenting short plays recounting stories from local residents, those who work in the area and anyone who has being personally affected by an encounter within the neighbourhood rife with history and diversity: Blackfriars in Southwark. Removed from a traditional theatre setting, the plays will be thrust into a realistic context, bringing the focus directly on the relationships that we form, the jobs that we hold and the lives that we lead.

They are seeking local writers to present short plays relating to the Southwark area, and will also be teaming professional playwrights up with residents to bring their stories to the ‘stage’.

In October these plays will be presented in a site specific, promenade production on the Blackfriar’s Mile.

What to submit:  They are looking for plays that are:

  • Roughly 10 minutes in length
  • Maximum of four actors per play
  • Can submit more than one entry

Synopsis / Scripts should be in PDF or Word (.doc) format attached to email.  Page 1 of the document should be a cover sheet including the title of the play, your name and your email address.

How to apply:  Please email your entries to info@afriendofafriendtheatre.com.

Deadline:  30 April 2014

Source: @Playwriting_UK

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