Actor Writer Gym: Flux Theatre Workshop

THE ACTOR WRITER GYM IS BACK! Stay fresh, get playful and have a productive morning collaborating with like-minded creatives.

For writers the gym is a chance to actually see a professional creative team breathe life into your script and then perform this to an audience.

For actors this is an opportunity to flex creative muscles, work with a director in a space, and perform to an audience.

How it works:

Each writer will submit a 5 page duologue and be teamed up with 2 actors and a director.

Each actor will have a chance to work closely with an exciting emerging director on their allocated duologue.

The team of 4 will have a chance to workshop their scene for 120 minutes before sharing their work with the group. This is a chance for likeminded artists to connect in an open, friendly environment and share in the collective joy of working on a brand new script.

Location: 42 Weston St, SE1 3QD London

When: 31 July 2018

Cost : £30

How to book: booking and information available here.

Deadline: not applicable

Source: Playwriting UK Facebook Group


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