Autumn 2016 Workshops from London Playwrights’ Blog!

The autumn workshops are here! Whether you’re curious about how to format a script, want to craft killer dialogue, or want to improve your hit rate when sending out shot plays, we’ve got something for you.

We’ll also be offering two free workshops as a thank you to all the fantastic writers who submitted scripts for the Dark Horse Festival and who read our blog on an ongoing basis.

Please note that booking for all courses is handled on a rolling basis, so its best to apply early to ensure your spot if you’d like to take part. And do keep an eye on on our Workshops listings, as we may add new courses for later in the season.

(A.C. Smith will not be running an ongoing series this Autumn due to professional commitments. However, we are making up for this with increased slots for one-to-one support – click for more information if you’re interested in booking a script consulting session.)

Free Workshops

Creative Inspiration for Playwrights: A Practical Workshop
Saturday 24 September 2016 from 10am-12pm

This two-hour intensive will get the creative juices flowing! There will be chance to do some spontaneous writing, share your work with other members of the group and get constructive feedback on your ideas.

Intro to Script Formatting: Tips & Tricks for a Professional-Looking Script
Saturday 24 September 2016 from 12-1pm

Getting the formatting right on your script can seem like a minefield, especially with the wealth of software available these days. In this workshop, LPB’s A.C. Smith and Kimberley Andrews will blitz through the rules of formatting your stage play and explain how to get your script submission ready.

Getting Your Work Onstage

Your Self-Producing Toolkit: A day-long introduction
Saturday 12 November 2016 from 10.30am – 5pm

For a playwright, having the power to get your work onstage is the greatest gift you can give yourself to develop your writing and get your work seen. And it’s not as hard as you think! These real tips from playwright/producers who have done it themselves will set you on the right track to make your play happen.

Creative Workshops

How To Write Short Plays That Win – with A.C. Smith
Saturday 24 September 2016 from 2-5pm

This intensive half-day session will look at how to write a stand-out short play. Through examples and interactive exercises, participants will develop their own play ideas, leaving the workshop ready to write.

Intensive Workshop: Mastering Microstructure – with Kimberley Andrews
Thursday 6 October 7pm-9pm 

Dramatic storytelling is dependent on believable build within and between scenes. This practical session will look at how to make the most of action (and the element of surprise!) helping writers develop a project of their choice.

Intensive Workshop: Writing Compelling Dialogue – with Kimberley Andrews
Thursday 20 October 7pm-9pm 

This interactive session will share dialogue-writing techniques and use practical exercises to help you sharpen your dialogue and make the most from every line.

Intensive Workshop: Making an Impact in Your Opening Scene – with Kimberley Andrews
Thursday 3 November 2016 7pm-9pm 

The first few pages of a script are critical to get a reader hooked on your story – and keep them turning the pages. You will learn the best techniques to open with a bang, and have the opportunity to share their own work and craft a killer opening scene.

Photo credit: Paul Bica via Flickr Commons CC Licence

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  9. I need to know where exactly is the Self producing Toolkit course is taking place to be able to book hotel /train tickets etc

    1. Kimberley Andrews

      Hi Alun,

      Sorry for the delay on this. the venue is Theatre Deli, 30 Marsh Wall, London, E14 9TP (Canary Wharf) – we’re just updating the post now.

      Look forward to seeing you there,

  10. Sorry can’t make it – too far over the other side of London means a hotel and to get the best price on train tickets I need to know the location in advance

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