Avenue Theatre Company call out for Seven Deadly Sins monologues from young writers (age 18-30)

Writers Avenue Theatre Company  is looking for seven talented writers and 14 monologues – on the theme of seven deadly sins and seven heavenly virtues.

It is open to writers  aged 18-30 who would like the opportunity to develop work and showcase it in front of an audience including top industry professionals.

What to submit: A 3-5 minute monologue for a deadly sin and a 3-5 minute monologue for its matching heavenly virtue, as listed below:

  • Temperance & Gluttony
  • Chastity & Lust
  • Kindness & Envy
  • Patience & Wrath
  • Diligence & Sloth
  • Humility & Vanity
  • Charity & Greed

How to apply: Email your script to info@writersavenue.co.uk using ‘SEVEN’ and the name of your scripts in the subject line. Also put the sin/virtue on the front page of the relevant script.

The script sample should be sent in word or  PDF format, be page numbered and in 12 font.  You are welcome to include a brief cover letter about your writing experience if you wish.

Scripts should have a title page with your name, address, number and email address. See Writers Avenue website: 7  for further guidance,

Deadline: 1 May 2017

Source: BBC Writers Room

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