Off the Cliff Theatre seeks Ovid-inspired short plays for Metamorphosis festival

Off the Cliff, the new London-based theatre company, is open for new script submissions taken from Ovid’s stories and on the theme of metamorphosis.

Off the Cliff festival Metamorphoses is being held in May 2017. They are looking for  a short play (up to 25mins) inspired by the chosen myth(s) – it could be an adaptation / modern take / deconstructed version or simply your own response to it.

Off the Cliff says: “We are interested in the stories that reflect our times and are rooted in an easily recognisable social context. The common thread to all the plays (regardless of the theme you chose) is a ‘transformation’ a.k.a. metamorphosis. Ground-breaking form, elements of visual/physical/abstract theatre and bold choices are encouraged. Plays previously performed will also be accepted, however we ask writers to stay open to a new interpretation and cast/crew.”

What to submit: Plays on the following themes:


Suggested topics: utopian/dystopian world; new beginnings; how easily one conflict can escalate and cause injustice in the world; how we are being punished for the ‘sins’ of our pre-ancestors; pathological behaviour passed on from generation to generation.

Corresponding Ovid’s stories/myths: Creation; Four Ages; Flood; Lycaon


Suggested topics: abuse of power; gender inequality and injustice; victim-blaming; lifelong stigma on the rape victims.

Corresponding Ovid’s stories/myths: Juniper rapes: Io, Callisto, Danae, Leda, Europa


Suggested topics: consequences of hubris; psychological reasoning behind an individual’s overwhelming pride; excessive confidence and arrogance in everyday life (at home / workplace); irrational and harmful behaviour as a result of excessive pride.

Corresponding Ovid’s stories/myths: Daedalus & Icarus; King Midas; Niobe; Phaeton


Suggested topics: unrequited feelings & futile attempts to be loved; loneliness; violent expressions of love; romance without a happy ending.

Corresponding Ovid’s stories/myths: Narcissus and Echo; Polyphemus and Galatea; Daphne and Apollo; Apollo and Hyacinthus


Suggested topics: art enables people to transcend suffering; the lack of artistry can cause big-scale conflicts; art enables people to communicate their feelings and save lives; the artists escape the misery of death by living on forever in their own creations.

Corresponding Ovid’s stories/myths: Orpheus; Appollo; Pygmalion; Philomela

How to apply: Send your play(s) to with the subject line ‘Metamorphoses – Writers’ as well as a synopsis of your piece to  Any questions? Get in touch.

Deadline: Sunday 26 February  2017 at noon

Source: @Playwriting_UK

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