B3 TalentLab 2015 seeking minority ethnic creatives

B3 TalentLab 2015 is a unique and proven programme which supports minority ethnic creatives to develop compelling, fresh, and original projects from outline ideas.

Backed by Creative Skillset and University of Nottingham’s Horizon/ Mixed Reality Lab, TalentLab 2015 is delivered through a series of workshops and residencies using a bespoke development model thus allowing participants to prototype and pilot their ideas, receive industry and peer feedback.

They are looking for individuals with a strong story to tell and a track record in visual and digital arts, film and TV, radio and theatre. They will shortlist 24 candidates to participate in a series of development labs slated for summer 2015. From these labs, up to 12 projects will be selected for further development and up to 6 projects will be commissioned and produced between August and October 2015 with an opportunity to present their work at venues in Nottingham and London towards the end of the programme.

What to submit/How to apply:  Applicants are required to pitch a project, and the application can be made through the scheme’s website.  (Be sure you download and read the FAQ and full application guidelines before applying.)

Deadline: Tuesday 26 May at 12:00pm

Source:  BBC Writersroom

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