BBC Alba seeking submissions for Gaelic Comedy Sketch Writing Initiative

MG Alba and BBC Writersroom have joined forces to launch a talent search to find the best comedy writers for a brand-new Gaelic sketch show.

They are looking for short, snappy and shareable sketches that are punchy, unruly and irreverent and aimed at an 18-34 audience.

They are keen to reach all new comedy talent and although primarily aimed at Gaelic speakers, this opportunity is open to non-Gaelic speakers too (more detail is available in the Terms & Conditions).

There is no guarantee of selection but writers will be paid for any idea or sketch that is shortlisted as suitable for filming. The strongest writers will then be invited to join the creative team.

What they’re looking for: All styles and tones are welcome – from biting satire, to surreal weirdness to sight-gags and slapstick. But, they have some practical considerations to think on –

  • They want strong, clear characters who are returnable.
  • Sketches need to be suitable for a pre-watershed audience/time slot.
  • They have a cast of 6 male/female actors who will play multiple roles.
  • Locations will be a mix of studio and locations across rural and urban sites.

How to apply/What to submit: Your application must be made via the BBC Writersroom e-submission system which can be found here.

You will need to send the following in a PDF format:

  • 2 sketches that are each a maximum of 90 seconds long (1.5 pages roughly).
  • 2 one-line ideas.
  • Brief paragraph on career to date.

They are open to submissions from individuals and writing teams – including partnerships between Gaelic and non-Gaelic writers. Stage directions could be in English with a speech-by-speech translation of all Gaelic dialogue into English.

Please do not put your name and contact on the document you upload as all entries are read anonymously. The work you submit must not have been previously commissioned, optioned or produced on any platform including TV, online or radio.

A template has been provided here to act as a guide for your application.

Deadline: 4 October 2017 

Source: BBCWritersRoom

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