BBC Birmingham and The REP: Birmingham Writer in Residence – Further Details Released

We brought you news of this scheme a little while back and as promised, here are the full details…

BBC Writersroom is sponsoring a six month part time residency for a produced Birmingham writer, sharing their time between BBC Television Drama, BBC Radio Drama, and Birmingham Repertory Theatre (The REP).

Spending around fifteen days with each project (Doctors, The Archers, Home Front, and The REP’s attachment scheme), the writer in residence will have the opportunity to observe the different demands and rhythms of each medium and the chance to see scripts from inception through to production.

Writers who are resident in Birmingham throughout 2016 should apply by submitting a script for stage, radio or screen, a CV and evidence of production (at any level) to The REP by 4th January 2016.

Entries will be shortlisted by The REP’s readers.  The successful writer will be selected from the shortlist by a panel consisting of Roxana Silbert (Artistic Director of the The REP), Sean O’Connor (Editor of The Archers), Will Trotter (BBC Head of Daytime Drama), Jessica Dromgoole (Editor of Home Front) and Anne Edyvean (Head of BBC Writersroom).

The successful writer will spend the following sixty days dividing their time between the four bases as follows…


  • 1 Day at a storyline meeting. Contribute to 30 episodes of Doctors serial.
  • Shadow script editor on scene by scenes, followed by 1st drafts with the Producer.
  • Shadow Exec Producer working on the second draft scripts with the script editor.
  • Shadow a director during film recce followed by the tone meeting with the Producer.
  • Observe Series Producer locking off the shooting scripts and also discussing pitches/what makes a good pitch?
  • Shadow studio production, edit, Dub, and picture lock off
  • Write and pitch an episode outline and receive feedback


  • One to one mentoring on their current stage play and ideas for new play with Associate Director, Tessa Walker
  • Meet with Heads of Department at The REP to get a sense of the internal workings of the theatre
  • Attend The REP’s Associate meetings where programming is discussed
  • Be offered writing space
  • Opportunities to observe rehearsals and workshops
  • Free tickets to all REP shows
  • Attend workshops given by writers and directors of national profile for our Foundry participants (REP’s artist development programme)


Meet the team and shadow AP/PCs on the creation of the story pack

•              Shadow the editor on the storylining process

•              Attend script meeting and meet the writing team

•              Shadow the producer on the synopsis edit

•              Shadow the producer on some of the script edit process

•              Shadow the finalising of the scripts by the producer & research checks by the AP

•              Observe studio

•              Observe the audio edit & find out about compliance

•              Work with a mentor writer to create a dummy pitch for the next month

•              Feedback on dummy pitch from editor


  • Observe the storylining meeting
  • Shadow the lead writer working on the Season storylining document
  • Pitch one episode, agreed with the editor, and follow it through the rest of the process
  • Shadow the editor working on the scene by scenes with the lead writer
  • Shadow the producer working on the first drafts with the lead writer
  • Shadow the editor working on the second drafts with the lead writer
  • Contribute to the formatting and final checks on scripts
  • Observe studio
  • Sit in on edit
  • Write copy for pres and online descriptions.

OPENING DATE FOR SUBMISSIONS: Wednesday 2nd December 2015

CLOSING DATE FOR SUBMISSIONS: Wednesday 6th January 2016 at 5pm




The residency is a BBC Writersroom initiative.

Read the full Terms & Conditions of entry

How to apply: follow the e-submissions process at BBC Writersroom

Deadline: 4 January 2016

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