BBC Script Room opens soon for submissions of children’s scripts

Start polishing those scripts…BBC Writers’ Room will open their latest Script Room submission window on 23rd June 2014. This time they are looking for Children’s scripts (CBeebies & CBBC)

The Script Room is a place where you can send your script to be assessed by a team of experienced readers. All scripts are read as a calling card of a writers talent. This is not a free script-reading service, but a means by which the BBC seeks out the best new writing talent, offering writers without a track record, representation, or contacts the opportunity to have their work considered by the BBC. Shortlisted writers will go forward to access a range of development opportunities with BBC writersroom.

Submission details/ Brief:

CBeebies is looking for:

  • Original dramas with a particular focus on fantasy adventure rather than real life.
  • Strong female leads representing diverse Britain.
  • Original animation and comedy scripts
  • Writers to submit 15 min/ pages x2 episodes (Please submit both episodes as 1 PDF document on E-submission)

They are also looking for: original drama / comedy content for CBeebies Radio – for more information and to listen or download the podcast please visit the CBeebies Radio website. (writers to submit 10 min (up to 15 pages) scripts for radio slot).

The Audience: CBeebies is for both girls and boys aged 0-6 years. This is a diverse and complex audience; 2 & 3 year olds are very different to 5 & 6 year olds.

For more information on CBeebies please visit the Commissioning website:

CBBC is looking for:

  • CBBC is an exciting destination for imaginative and original ideas and have a completely open brief. They are looking for original drama, comedy and animation scripts.
  • Duration / length: 28 min (30 pages) for drama/ comedy scripts.
  • Animation lengths are 11 minutes or 22minutes – an 11 minute script would be approx 16 pages and a 22 minute script would be approx 30 pages.
  • Writers to either submit 1 x 22 min script (30 pages) Or 2 x 11 min scripts (15/16 pages each – please submit both episodes as 1 PDF document on E-submission)

The Audience: 6 to 12 age group. For more information on CBeebies please visit the Commissioning website

How to submit: the BBC have strict rules on what to submit so please visit the Writers’ Room for full details and lots of tips.

Deadline: window opens on 23rd June 2014 and closes at midnight on 7th July 2014.

(Please note that there are two different dates posted on the Writers Room website for when the submission window opens, one says 23 June, the other 28 June. We will amend this post when we get confirmation of the correct date. In the meantime, we’ve been cautious and posted the earlier date!)

Source: BBC Writers Room website.


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