BBC window for comedy scripts open from 17 April-15 May 2017

The BBC has announced it will be accepting comedy scripts from 17 April-15 May 2017.

The BBC Script Room for Comedy is its system for receiving unsolicited original scripts.

The BBC says: “Rather than accepting scripts year-round in a rolling system, we have distinct submission windows for scripts which are announced on the BBC Writersroom Opportunities page throughout the year.

“Each call has a deadline, and the scripts received are assessed intensively by our script readers and the BBC Writersroom team, and a shortlist drawn up.

“”We then offer various opportunities for the shortlisted group of writers including our Drama Room and Comedy Room development groups.

“Script Room is not a competition but a means by which the BBC seeks out the best writing talent. We look for writers with the strongest potential to be developed and produced for BBC broadcast. You could be new to writing or new to the BBC but equally, you may be a playwright looking to write for TV, or you’ve written for radio drama and would like to try your hand at writing for CBBC.

“We understand that carving a career as a writer takes time and that each writer’s development needs will be different. We receive many thousands of scripts every year and can only focus on the writers who we feel have the most potential.”

What to submit: Your script

How to apply:  Read this link

Deadline: 17 April-15 May 2017

Source: BBC Writers Room

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