BBC Writersroom – The Break: Series 6 – Coventry (paid)

From BBC Writersroom, in their words:

The next series of the BBC Three award-nominated series THE BREAK is being produced in Coventry and we want you to write for it.

We are looking for stories that we don’t usually hear from Coventry: Contemporary, celebratory, universal, relevant, funny, emotionally powerful or thought-provoking stories that reflect diversity of experience and the modern face of this part of the world.

We want to focus on unique voices and brilliant writing talent regardless of experience so this is an open call and the window for submissions opens on 27 September and closes at 12 noon on 22 October 2021.


We’re looking for strong, specific and contemporary perspectives and stand out, original voices through the creation of this new batch of original short monologues.

While these stories will be told in Coventry with Coventry characters this is a network BBC commission so we want universal ideas that resonate with the wider world.

Writers should also ensure that their idea is aimed at the BBC Three 16-34 audience and is in keeping with the channel’s wider content in its tone.


We want bold, enticing character-driven stories, which will take us on exciting, surprising and dramatic journeys about contemporary Coventry and the broader world we live in.

Each story must have a beginning, middle and end and must grab the viewer from the start and keep them interested with twists, turns, revelations and surprises.

Gripping tales where a character faces a life changing moment to funny, heart – warming true life situations that the audience recognises: we want work that grabs us and holds on for dear life.

Stories will be based in Coventry but should have a universal appeal.

We are open to all ideas but please watch the previous series of The Break on BBC iPlayer and/or read scripts from previous series of The Break to ensure you don’t offer a similar story to one we have already told through The Break brand.

We’re looking for stories and characters that represent contemporary Coventry. Be wary of stereotypes or areas that have been well covered, we want to read your stand out pieces that represent this place today.

Find out more here

Deadline: 22 October 2021

Source: BBC Writersroom

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