Blackwell House seeking class-style radio plays (15-45 min)

Backwell Playhouse will be presenting classic-style radio plays in 2015, which will be released as free podcasts shortly after recording. They are looking for plays that can be recorded in a radio style, with the ability to tell a story without visuals.

The plays will be recorded in front of a live studio audience – with the cast performing as many sound effects as possible live. Initially they will be recording 3-5 shows at a single performance.  However, should the recordings prove to be a success, they hope to record more in the future.

What to submit:  The plays can be of any length (although preference would be between 15-45mins long), and for any number of actors.  They can also be of any genre and style, from drama to comedy, noir to science fiction.  They are looking for a diverse collection of plays to present an interesting range for listeners and actors alike.

What you get:  Sadly, no payment can be made for the use of the plays.  However, the copyright for the play will remain with the writer who will be appropriately credited for the work in distribution.  Copyright for all other elements of the production, including distribution, will remain with the Playhouse.

How to apply:  If you are interested in submitting a script for our consideration, or for any more details, please contact Jon Coupe at

Backwell Playhouse is a small, volunteer-run theatre, found just south of Bristol.  For more information about the Playhouse, please visit our website,

Deadline:  31 March 2015

Source:  Playwrights’ Competition Calendar

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