Calling all film makers! IdeasTap £10K Film Fund accepting applications

Filmmakers! IdeasTap are offering £10K to fund the production of a short film of any genre. The only restriction is that they are looking for film makers who have at least one short film under their belt. The length of the film can be anything up to 25 minutes.  They will issue the cash by the end of February and the deadline for completing the film will be August 2015. The final decision on which project wins will be made by Iain Canning, Oscar winning producer at See-Saw Films (The King’s Speech, Shame, Tracks)

How to apply: apply through IdeasTap. You’ll be asked for the following:

A synopsis for your project –

An extract from your script, if applicable (maximum ten pages) – Your CV –

If your project is an animation, please include images which give a sense of the visual style your film will have –

An extract or full short film under five minutes in length, on which you have a writer, director, producer or editor credit –

A budget; if you believe the budget of your film will exceed £10k, please include in your application how you intend to raise the remainder of the budget

-A distribution strategy – this could include identifying festivals which you would submit the film to or organising your own screenings. We want to see that you have thought about how the film will find an audience

A line on each of your proposed collaborators (if applicable) Please note you can edit your project’s privacy settings in ‘Portfolio settings’ to ensure that only the brief judges can view the project.

Make sure that you have a photo on your profile. As with all IdeasTap briefs, you have to have a profile photo or image to be eligible. It doesn’t have to be a headshot, and you won’t be judged on the quality of the image.

Deadline: 19 January 2015

Source: IdeasTap Creative Briefs

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