Coracle and Alphabetti seeking plays about the Suffragette Movement (paid, Newcastle)

Coracle in association with Alphabetti Theatre are seeking plays for Suffragette: Short plays from today and 100 years ago.

The evening will present ew short plays celebrating the victory for women’s votes alongside readings of original Suffrage Plays written by members of the Actresses’ Franchise League.

Eligibility:  This call is open to writers of any age or experience, whether you’re a published playwright or have never written before.

What to submit:  They are looking for short plays taking inspiration from the stories of the Suffragette movement. 

This could be a literal story of an event or particular person, or a more abstract interpretation of some of the themes and ideals of the movement.  It could be set 100 years ago, in the present or even in the future…

They are not specifically looking for historical plays – it’s entirely up to you.  They love to hear stories with a North East connection, but the only stipulations are your script must be:

  • A MAXIMUM of 20 minutes long (about 20 A4 pages with 12 point text size for dialogue, or 10 pages double spaced for monologue)
  • Ideally for a cast of ONE or TWO ACTORS (Any number of characters, but multi-role playing if more than two actors).  (If you have an incredible story which just has to have 4 actors – they will read it!)
  • MINIMAL on PROPS and set (We will be performing in a ‘black box’ environment.  There may be some furniture or stage blocks available, but keep things as minimal as possible)

Fee:  Successful playwrights will receive a fee of at least £100 (subject to funding) in addition to having their play performed at Alphabetti Theatre.

How to apply:  Please be sure to read the full terms and conditions before sending your script.

Please send your scripts or questions to

Deadline:  22 April 2018 at midnight

Source:  Playwriting UK Facebook Group



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