Independent International Award for Improper Dramaturgy «Neem-2018» (2000 ruble prize)

This is a competition specifically targeted at ‘A play that no one will ever agree to stage.

Details are laid out below, as provided on their website.

1. Goals and objectives

The «Neem» award was created to support and identify underground dramatic waters.

2. Organizers

Jenya Stashkov, Performance-troupe «Vibrating body»

3. Nominations

Awarded one prize in the nomination «A play that no one will ever agree to stage»

4. Prizes

The author of the play-winner will receive a cash prize: 2000 rubles.

The best plays will be staged in the format of reading, sketching or performance by Performance-troupe «Vibrating body» in St. Petersburg.

5. Requirements for the submitted works

Formal requirements are absent.

There are no linguistic and geographical limits.

The author should provide personal information:

Name, nickname, contact information (postal address, e-mail address, phone number).

Plays should be sent to:

6. Terms of holding

Terms for the reception of plays: April 7, 2018 – September 1, 2018

Summing up: October – December 2018.

All information on the prize will be published on the website:

7. Copyright

All the rights to plays remain with the authors.

8. The Jury

The composition of the jury is being formed at the moment

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