Creation of a Street Poem, Nottingham City Council (paid)

Nottingham City Council would like to commission a Street Poem as part of the delivery of the National Lottery Heritage Fund supported Carrington Street Townscape Heritage regeneration scheme.  This area runs along Carrington, Arkwright and Station Streets and includes the vicinity of the canal.  Historically these streets were significant to the city as a main throughfare, bringing people from the station into the city centre, which is still happening today, with the enhancement of a street offer of retail and leisure outlets, plus offices and accommodation.

We are looking for a poet, wordsmith and or creative writer (or a collective) to undertake research into the history of each building in this area to research and create the Street Poem.

You will need to consider past events, characters, real and fictitious and the use of the buildings when they were first built in the Victorian era.  Considering the history, they could tell if they could speak or someone could speak for them. The finished work needs to be structured in a way that can be read or listened to in sections or as a whole without losing any of its vibrancy or meaning.

You will need to look for photos to reference the old and the new and then record the finished work or work with another artist/s to do this element of the work in the form of a character/narrator telling the story.

The deadline for the finished work is the end of October.

The deadline for your proposal is 30 July 2021 noon.

The finished work needs to be between 10 – 15 minutes

The fee will be £2,000 for the poem and up to £1,000 for making the recording.

Full details are available by mailing

Deadline: 30 July 2021

Source: Arts Jobs

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