Creative competition on the theme of LOVE (£250 prize), IdeasTap Editors Brief

Ideastap has opened up its quarterly Editor’s Brief to submissions on the theme of LOVE.

The brief:  “You can’t buy it. It’s all you need. But where is it? And can you feel it tonight?  We’re talking, of course, about LOVE. From Shakespeare’s sonnets to the bromantic oeuvre of Seth Rogan and our five-day festival, IdeasTap Takeover – no other human emotion has inspired so much great art.   So with this season’s Editor’s Brief, we want you to bring some warmth to our stony hearts. Submit your creative work on the theme of word “love” – whether that’s writing, visual art/photography, audio or video. Have as much fun as you want with the theme – we’re looking for originality, talent and creativity.   As always, our quarterly Editor’s Brief is open to all ages and disciplines, and there are three categories for you to apply to.”

Categories and Prizes:  There will be a first (£250), second (£100) and third (£50) prize in EACH of the following categories:

1. Audio and video (no longer than two minutes)

2. Writing (no longer than 1,000 words)

3. Visual art/photographs (no more than two)

All first-prize winners will become part of their alumni group. Please note that you can only apply with one entry to one category.

How to apply:  Applications are made online via the IdeasTap brief.  (Note that you will need an IdeasTap Profile to be able to apply.)

Deadline:  Friday 7 March 2014 at 5pm

Source:  Arts Council e-newsletter

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