Crooked Heart Theatre seeking short plays about women, violence and the home (Los Angeles, only first 100 submissions read)

Crooked Heart Theatre have put out a call for scripts:

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. To celebrate the success we’ve had with recent productions and upcoming projects, we’re putting together a weekend of one-act and short plays centered around the confluence of women, violence and the home.

Though we’d like to acknowledge that men comprise about 15% of domestic violence victims, we’ll be focusing on the intersection of women/children and violence this year.

What to submit:  They encourage you to consider other possible interpretations of these criteria:

• Violence Against the Self (Our Bodies & Homes We Live In)
• Violence within the Physical Home
• Violence at the Hands of Police & Other Authority Figures
• Dispossession & How We Look for Home
• The Domestic “Home” of Our Town, City, State or Country
• Shelters as Temporary Homes
• Other “Homes” We Adopt During Our Lives
• Healing & The Homes We Imagine for Ourselves
• Jealousy, Control, Isolation, Sabotage, Blame & Anger

There is no fee to submit. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Futures Without Violence, an organization advancing the health, stability, education, and security of women, men, girls, and boys worldwide. This organization helped to pass the Violence Against Woman Act in 1994, and continues to influence policy and train professionals (doctors, nurses, athletic coaches, and judges) to improve responses to domestic violence and educate the public about healthy relationships.

1. Plays may be between 1-30 pages in length, in standard playwriting format.
2. Playwrights retain all rights to their work, but grant to Crooked Heart Theater the rights to produce 1-2 performances of the work in Los Angeles only during the weekend of October 9-11, 2015 royalty-free. “Please know that we would not ask for the waiver of royalties in any other event than a charitable donation. We believe in paying playwrights a fair rate for their work, but feel that this cause more than warrants this request.”
3. In keeping with Dramatists Guild rules, no changes will be made to scripts without first consulting the playwright.
4. Since they’re a small company, only the first 100 submissions will be read.

How to apply:  Please email submissions with query letter and 100-word synopsis to If your script doesn’t already have character descriptions included, please also include that with your submission.

Deadline:  15 August 2015

Source:  Official Playwrights of Facebook

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