Develop as lyricist or librettist with one-year BML Workshop (£400 fee)

Librettist or lyricist? BML Workshop offers a  year long programme of ongoing workshops for the creation, crafting and development of musical theatre writing and related specialist skills.

What you get as a librettist: This workshop is made up of both new and experienced Librettists. New participants begin by focusing on the building blocks for strong story development, character development and audience engagement through the dissection of “classic” musical theatre books. There are several assignments to practice the basic tenets of craft. Twice during first year, librettists will work on collaborations with the first year composers and lyricists, including crafting a 10-minute musical. From there, members are encouraged to initiate and develop their own projects, always beginning with a one-page pitch. Then, the project is developed in stages through treatment, outline, and on to a full script. After their first term, members are welcomed and encouraged to sit in on the first year composer/ lyricist workshop.

What you get as a lyricist: A workshop to develop and nurture craft in the writing of songs for musical theatre and to introduce the needs for collaborative practice and a professional attitude. Members explore what individual songs should accomplish dramatically within a musical, and the practical and technical needs and expectations of performers, directors and choreographers.  The first year consists of 8-9 assignments to write various types of musical theatre songs, with all work presented internally. Facilitators and the group members will give and receive constructive feedback to inform rewrites and further development. Members work with different partners on each assignment. The year culminates in the writing of 10 minute musicals in collaboration with members of the librettist workshop. Members complete the year with a broader set of techniques and skills with which to approach their future work. Emphasis is placed on creating an environment where work may be minutely analysed in a safe environment. After the first term, composer/lyricists are welcomed and encouraged to sit in on the librettist group. It is possible to apply as a composer or a lyricist or both.

What it costs:  £400 per year (30 sessions). For those in proven financial need, it is possible to apply to the BML board for a bursary. Each successful candidate will be expected to commit to the entire year’s programme.

How to apply:  Via this online link

Deadline: 24 January 2017

Source: BML Workshop

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