Irish Green Curtain Theatre seeks submissions for ‘Shows from the Songs Night’

Green Curtain Theatre is seeking submissions for short plays or monologues to be performed initially as a staged rehearsed readings in February/March as part of a “Shows from the Songs Night”.

It is hoped to develop some of the successful plays into full performances later in the year as part of a festival.

What to submit: The plays must take their inspiration from a song in such a way as the audience can relate the piece directly back to the song. The pieces must take no longer than 15 minutes to perform. The pieces may have as many characters as you wish so longs as the work can be performed by no more than 4 actors. Green Curtain is particularly interested in receiving plays based on Irish songs from any era.

How to apply: Email submissions to including your full name and contact details with a short summary of what the piece is about.

Deadline: Monday 6 February 2017

Source: Direct contact

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