Dramatic Society seek original work suitable for audio production

CADS Dramatic Society is looking for new  material to perform and record in the format of radio plays/drama. This is a great opportunity to see how your work will sound when performed.
Submissions criteria:
1) Written in English (indicated accents are fine).
2) The work should have a running length of between 10 and 40 mins.
3) Any genre or subject light comedy to darker thought provoking material.
4) To suit Female/Male  from monologue to 6 characters (we can add FX for crowd scenes etc).
5) There is no age/gender restriction.
What you get: If accepted they will record and produce your work in a studio,  the content will remain your own property, and other than for our own use would not be distributed or used without prior agreement. You would receive a copy  wither in CD Format or Electronic, for your own use. We’d add FX and atmos in the studio. There would be no cost to the writer.
What’s in it for them? “As chairman of the Society I am looking to engage with a more diverse range of actors young and old, build their character forming and vocal performance skills in a way which is accessible to people who may not yet be comfortable with the stage or film. It will enable us to have activities which are a short and stand alone with minimal learning of lines.”
How to apply:  Send submissions in MS-Word or PDF format by  in Email to Info@Camdrama.co.uk  with ‘Short Play’ in the subject, don’t forget to include your own contact details (phone number if possible).
Deadline: 30 April 2018  8 April 2018 (moved forward due to high submission levels!)
Source: Direct contact

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