Wonderbox seeking plays by women for women’s suffrage scratch night

Wonderbox are hosting a scratch night to commemorate the centenary of the first women in the UK getting the right to vote. The night is to celebrate women’s place in society today, to honour how far we have come and talk about how far we need to go.
What they are looking for:  new short plays, extracts from new plays and films that fit in with the themes of women, women’s suffrage, women’s liberation, gender politics, equality, the fight for justice and the future of voting.
“A documentary, historical fiction, a poetic piece, a long
monologue…whatever! Set in the past, in a dystopian world or the world today.”
 Eligibility: all scripts and films should be no longer than 15 minutes and be written and/or directed by women.Play scripts should have no more than three characters.
How to apply: Email submissions to wonderboxcollective@gmail.com.The scratch performance will take place in April.
Deadline: 28 March 2018
Source: Direct contact at midnight

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