From Page To Stage seeking new musical theatre works

From Page to Stage is a season of new musical theatre produced by Aria Entertainment dedicated to showcasing un-produced work and work in development to an audience to garner feedback and create new opportunities for the artistes involved.

For its fourth year, From Page to Stage will be returning to the TRISTAN BATES THEATRE (in the Actors Centre) from 31 October through to 3 December 2016.

The 2016 season is now open for submissions and will present a mixed programme of work at various stages of development.

Submissions can be made for both LONDON and MANCHESTER performances.  The details on this post focus on London, but you can see their website for more information about the Manchester opportunity.

Payment:  From Page to Stage funds and arranges all of the above for the selected pieces, last year with the support of Grants For the Arts, taking no ongoing royalties and endeavouring to pay a fair wage to all contracted artistes. The season is not intended for profit, but to allow new work a platform on which to be developed and exposed to new audiences. The aim is to develop new work, excite audiences about the opportunity to see pieces in the first stages of development, and support the creatives involved in the process.

How it works:

In London, three pieces will be selected to receive fully-staged, rehearsed readings. This includes a week of rehearsal, a cast up to 8, a creative team, and three performances each. The readings are a perfect opportunity for a piece that is finished but perhaps has not been put on its feet yet.

Four pieces will be selected to be a part of the showcase evenings. They will be performed by two casts in rep and will also receive a week’s rehearsal, creative teams, and three performances each. The showcases are 30 minutes long per piece and we will adapt or abridge each piece to suit. (Shows with larger casts are therefore able to submit for showcases as material shown can be arranged to fit within casting limits.)

One piece will receive a fully produced, two week production. With three weeks of rehearsal, a cast of 8-10, a creative team, and 14 performances, the headline musical is a piece that is ready to be performed and simply has not had the opportunity.

They will start the season with a one-off Gala opening performance, highlighting songs from both the chosen and the submitted shows.

What to submit:  To submit for an application, you will need:

– Information about the piece and its writers (names, cast sizes, etc.)
– A 100 word summary of the show
– 3 mp3 song files
– 3 pdf or doc files containing a scene each
– 1 sheet music example

How to apply:  Applications can be made via the online form.

Deadline:  Friday 3 June 2016

Source:  Direct contact


3 thoughts on “From Page To Stage seeking new musical theatre works”

  1. Greetings,
    We would very much like to submit our new musical “Coyote”, but our MP3 file sizes all exceed your 1024kb limit. They are in the 4-6MB range.
    Any suggestions? We have tried compressing but it doesn’t seem to getting the files any smaller. Perhaps because they are fully orchestrated.
    Thanks for your help!

    1. Regarding the above message, I have just conferred with our music director regarding the file size restriction. We cannot figure out a way to compress our files further.
      Can you provide a separate email address so we can send the MP3’s?
      We do not want to miss this opportunity and appreciate your assistance!
      Tim McCorry
      Coyote composer and lyricist

      1. Hi Tim, We only repost these opportunities, so we recommend you confer with the organisers directly. Good luck!

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