Getting Your Play Commissioned: Workshop with Finborough Theatre Literary Manager Sue Healy

Mon 21 Nov 2022, 6pm-7.30pm GMT
Workshop: Playwriting
Duration: 90 mins
Location: ONLINE

If you are a playwright and you would like to know how to get your play successfully commissioned by a theatre, then join our intimate workshop with Sue Healy, Literary Manager at the Finborough Theatre.

In this 90 minute workshop you will learn all the do’s and don’ts on how best to get your play accepted. You will receive valuable advice, have the opportunity to engage with Sue by asking any questions you have, see visuals and above all, learn how to make the words on the page become a reality.


From Ireland, Sue Healy is a full-time Lecturer in Creative Writing, specialising in dramatic writing, at the University of Lincoln. She has a PhD in modern theatre history (Royal Court Theatre) and serves as Literary Manager at the Finborough Theatre, London. Her guidebook, “The Literary Manager’s Toolkit: A Practical Guide for the Theatre”, is published by Routledge in Dec 2022:


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