IdeasTap Spa event on working with feedback for TV writers

These sessions, titled ‘Feedback’s A Gift‘, will provide a chance for TV writers to receive feedback on their work and examine the concept of feedback both giving and receiving and coping with rejection including common problems and anxieties.

The workshop will be running twice:  from 3-5pm on both 4 March 2014 and again on 11 March 2014.

Playwright, TV screenwriter and Creative Space member Jon Barton will be hosting this open to all session for IdeasTap writer members. Topics and exercises covered will include pitching, giving and receiving feedback, coping with rejection and discussing TV formats.

This session is part of the IdeasTap Inspires programme of spas that will be taking place throughout the UK in 2014/15. 

Cost: Free

How to book:  You can book a ticket through the event’s webpage (above) – be sure you’ve selected the correct date before you book!  (Note: You must have an IdeasTap profile to book.)

Source:  IdeasTap

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