Traverse Theatre open to submissions from UK Writers

The Traverse Theatre will be open to submissions of unsolicited scripts from writers across the UK until 30 April 2014.

About the Traverse: In their own words:

The Traverse has rich history of working with some of the most adventurous playwrights both in Scotland and around the world. We are always looking for brave new voices with challenging stories to tell and new writers to engage with the Traverse community.  Open Script Submissions allow us to become aware of writers we may not otherwise know, as well as encouraging submissions from those we have an existing relationship with.  We engage with writers in a number of ways throughout the year. Long-term roles include fellowships, attachments, commissions and full productions running alongside unique opportunities for readings, seeing scratch nights and taking part in development sessions and workshops.

There are detailed guidelines on their website about how to familiarise  yourself with their work before submitting, so be sure to read this information carefully before submitting.

What to submit:  The guidelines (linked above) go into detail about what they are looking for (or not).

DON’T send the following:

  • musicals, adaptations, poems, novels or short stories, television, film or radio scripts.
  • “We would also advise against sending us biographical stories or history plays as the first example of your work.”

DO make sure that:

  • Your name and identifying details have been removed from your script – they will be reading scripts anonymously.
  • Your play is formatted appropriately, with cast list and cast doubling noted.

How to apply: You can submit your script to the Traverse Theatre through submissions manager Submittable:

Deadline:  30 April 2014

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