Introducing the London Playwrights’ Workshop

Since we set up the London Playwrights’ Blog in early 2013, we’ve been overwhelmed by the fantastic response we’d have from all of our play-writing readers.  In the past two and a half years, we’ve truly loved getting to connect with all of you emerging writers, and have seen firsthand the amazing, vibrant community of playwrights in London (and beyond), who are eager support each other and create new work.

Inspired by you all, we’ve decided to expand the London Playwrights’ Blog to offer even more resources and opportunities, to help us make what we offer sustainable as we press on into the future. This is why we’ve set up the London Playwrights’ Workshop, a not-for-profit company that will manage the blog and enable us to expand into new areas.

From this autumn, we’re kicking things off by launching new projects:

  • Workshops for writers:  We will be running a series of workshops for writers on a range of artistic and practical topics, and are kicking things off with LPB’s own Kimberley Andrews leading ‘Writing Your Play‘, a six week course designed to help new writers on their way to a first draft.
  • Script consulting:  For writers looking for guidance on developing existing scripts, we’ll be running a service that provides both one-on-one consultation and written feedback from experienced tutors, to help take your work to the next level.
  • Pursued By A Bear advice column:  The witty and brilliant Adam Taylor has joined our team to write a regular advice column for writers , to help you with motivation, inspiration (and perhaps a little procrastination!).

We know from personal experience how tricky it can be to make ends meet as an emerging writer, so we’ve worked to keep prices for these new services as low as possible.  But rest assured, the blog is now and will remain a free resource – there will be no subscription fees here!

We have other new plans in development that we think you’ll be really excited about – so keep your eyes peeled or announcements about what else is coming up in the near future.

Thank you again to all of our readers for the support and encouragement you’ve given us so far. If you’re willing to share this site, tell your friends, and help us spread the word about our new projects, we’d really appreciate it – and it will help us keep the site going and develop even more wonderful things to offer you!

With thanks,
Alli, Kimberley, and Sam

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