Le Théâtre Bleu seeking submissions of comedies in Shakespearean language (Quebec, Canada)

Le Théâtre Bleu, a non-profit organisation based in Quebec, Canada, is looking for submissions for his 2017 summer production.

What to submit:

  • Original comedies between 90 to 120 minutes. Preferably 2 to 5 characters.
  • Easy set and simple to produce. Previously produced or not. It doesn’t matter.
  • Electronic submissions only.

Financial & artistic arrangements:  The chosen play will be translated in French by Bruno Lacroix,president and founder of Le Théâtre Bleu and a member of the Plawrights Guild of Canada, and produced in French.

The winning plawright and the translator will both get to share an equal percentage of box-office revenues of the 2017 production (10%. That is 5% each.)

Afterward, Bruno Lacroix, will do the promotion of that French version to French theaters around the globe. The wining playwright will remain the owner of this version but will agree by contract to give a percentage of the play’s royalties to the translator in perpetuity. That percentage will be discussed and approved by both parties before the translation of the winning play.

The winning play will be annouced in September 2016.

How to apply:  Submissions are to be sent to: brunolacroix@bell.net

Deadline:  1 July 2016

Source:  Playwriting UK Facebook Group

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    1. Hi Harold, We only repost these opportunities, so we recommend you contact the organisers directly. Good luck!

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