Leytonstone Itch seeks 5-10 minute play for summer festival (£50 prize)

The Leytonstone Itch are looking for writers (ideally from East London) to get involved in its upcoming summer event – the East Not East Festival,  on 15 July in Wanstead Park www.eastnoteastfestival.com.

LI says: “We will be managing our own tent and we’re looking forward to scratching our biggest ever Itch.

“The Itch would be nothing without the incredible work writers have generously submitted to be experimented with, discussed and enjoyed.

“Our ‘Blindly Cast Readings’ are the highlight of our evenings and we would like to take them further at our summer festival.

“We are looking to commission one writer to create a 5-10 minute piece specifically for the event. The stimulus is: Don’t Give Up Your Day Job! Is Art Really Necessary?”

What to submit: LI says: “Just send us a short outline (up to 200 words) of the sort of play you might write and why. We will then select one of these applications and give you til the end of June to write the full piece. We will handpick our best readers, and give them a day’s rehearsal before performing and filming the play at East Not East. Our chosen writer will also receive a £50 donation as a thank-you for the piece.”

How to apply:  Via: www.theleytonstoneitch.com

Deadline: 31 May 2017

Source:  Playwriting UK Facebook

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