LGBT history month call out for historical drama proposals

LGBT History Month is putting out a call for proposals for OUTing The Past Festival Theatre for 2017-19.

It is looking for  creatives who can work with academics to create historical drama to be performed  at LGBT History Month festivals across the UK.

Stephen Hornby, LGBT History Month’s National Festival Theatre co-ordinator, says: “We’re building up a catalogue of unique LGBT+ historical drama that we’ve either directly commissioned, brokered or supported the development of.

“Our focus is on taking the stories of ordinary people’s lives, or the events that they become a part of, and dramatising them in a historically literate way, uncovering forgotten LGBT history.

“We want Festival Theatre to represent the full panoply of LGBT+ and the full geography of the UK. So, we are creating a mechanism for you to register people or events with us for consideration for future dramatisation.

“All you have to do is complete a short form and we’ll start to build up a bank of potential material for creatives to dramatise and of historical advisers to work with them.”

You can read about the last two years work at Stephen’s blog for the Arts Council England at:

How to apply:  Message Stephen M Hornby  with your email address and he will send more details.

Deadline: None posted

Source:   Stephen M Hornby in a  visitor post on Playwriting Network UK

5 thoughts on “LGBT history month call out for historical drama proposals”

    1. Hi A, I’m afraid we don’t have additional contact information for this opportunity – it could be that there have been too many responses already. We’ll take this one down if you aren’t getting a response. Thanks for the heads up!

  1. Stephen M Hornby

    I’m not sure how this post got on here, but this call out went out over the Summer with a deadline in September 2016. We will be putting call out in future years. Thanks for your interest.

    1. Thanks, Stephen – it popped up on the UK Playwriting Network Facebook Group, so someone must have shared it there without us realising it was out of date. Do give us a shout the next time your publicising and we’ll be happy to help spread the word.

  2. Stephen M Hornby

    That’s be great. I might not be til Summer 2018, as we had a good response to the last call, but we’ll let you know when we’re going out again. All the best.

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