Lion Tamers Theatre Company seeking full length scripts for 2015 tour

The Lion Tamers Theatre Company is looking for submissions for their 2015 North West tour.

What to submit:  Your play must meet the following requirements:

  • Cast size:  Strictly between 2 and 4 cast members.  They can allow for doubling, however they must be strict on not having more than 4 actors.  They particularly welcome scripts with strong female characters.
  • Technical requirements:  There are no specific requirements, but it needs to be suitable for a touring environment with a short get-in time.
  • Length:  Play must be full length to meet the needs of venues, which must have the option of including an interval.

They guarantee to read all plays submitted, although they are not able to offer feedback if your play is not selected.

How to apply:  Email your play to

Deadline:  Monday 1 September 2014

Source: @Playwriting_UK

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