London Playwrights Lunchtime Sessions: Pitching your play

Our new series of lunchtime workshops is designed to add a creative break to your day!

As playwrights, we have to pitch in many different ways: from an interview for a writer development programme to a meeting with a producer to a friend asking ‘what are you writing at the moment?’

During this session, Kimberley Andrews will talk you through the benefits of a confident pitch and introduce different types of pitching: from from loglines to blurbs to simply having a conversation about your play (as you might with a Literary Manager).

You’ll also be given a set of practical exercises to complete in your own time and to help you to continue to develop your confidence beyond the session.

Prep: bring in a 1-3 sentence summary of an idea you are working on or a play you have written. You’ll be able to refer to this during the session and share it with the group – if you want to!

When: 26 April 2023 12pm-1pm

Book here.

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