Loquitur Theatre seeking monologues for ‘Femage a Trois’

Loquitur Theatre launched the first ‘Femage a Trois’ project earlier this year, with a four star, critically acclaimed, simply and beautifully crafted show. Previews at The Vaults, Waterloo and Hackney Showroom led to a week long run at the Edinburgh Festival. It featured three incredible monologues written and performed by exceptionally talented people.

As the Femage a Trois format was so dynamic and successful, they are reimagining the same platform for 2017 and seeking new submissions from writers for our next production.

 What to submit:  The evening will retain the standard elements: ‘Three women. Three stories. Three impossible decisions’. It will be comprised of three 15-18 minute monologues – it absolutely must be minimum of 15 minutes and a maximum of 18 mins (please read aloud to and time it before you send it to us). Each monologue will tell the character’s story at a moment of climactic stress, or at a point where she is faced with a difficult decision or perhaps where she has nowhere to turn.

In their own words:


“Each piece must be human, deep, poignant, touching but also comedic – in whatever form the comedy takes, hilarious or dark; the comedy of humanity must shine through the monologue and support the audience engagement with the story. We actively encourage a big reveal moment towards the conclusion.”


“It is imperative that the three monologues accurately represent the society we live in, therefore we actively seek *human* stories, and those which can be told in a non-White setting – they don’t have to be written for a particular demographic, the story just has to be open to being performed by anyone. It could even be genderless; we want stories that can be without regard to where the actor and character comes from.”


“A broad reach of age is important and one of the integral elements of the format. We request submissions which tell either a story about a young person at 14-30 years old, or an adult at 30-55 years or a mature adult at 55+. We are very specific about the age demographic: 40 is not the ceiling for age and we don’t want to limit our art to a 20-35 demographic. Everyone else is already doing that – we want to be different. You are welcome to make multiple submissions for one age group or across all the age groups.”

How to apply:  Please submit scripts in pdf format, sent to  with ‘Femage a Trois’ and your pen name in the subject line.

If you have another story about women that doesn’t fit into the Femage a Trois format, do feel free to send it through but make it clear that it’s a separate submission. We’re always on the look out for new material.

Deadline: 11 November 2016 at noon 

Source: Playwriting UK Facebook Group

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