Lost Theatre seeking plays for 5 Minute Festival (£10 entry fee, self-producing preferred, £100 prize)

Lost Theatre is open to applications for its 5 Minute Festival, which will run from 2-7 February 2015.

They are looking for emerging/newcomer playwrights, poets, spoken word artists, comedians, actors (who write their own material), physical performers…etc who have something different or interesting to say and are looking to get their work out to a wider audience.

The Festival is run as a competition. If you are accepted to be part of it, you will get to perform your work on the stage at the LOST Theatre on one of the heat nights. Each night, two shows will be selected by a panel of experts to play again later that week in our Grand Final. Two shows from the first four days will also be selected by audience vote using an “Online Audience Vote” based on ‘as-live’ recordings of all the pieces (taken during your dress run) available through the festival website. On the Saturday ten shows will play and the two that the panel feel are the best will each win this year’s title and a £100 prize. The entire event will be organised by the LOST Theatre.

Eligibility:  There are 3 main rules for entering this Festival:

  • Whatever you submit must be less than 5 minutes in length
  • Your play must have a narrative thread
  • Either the writer, director or cast must be under 27 years old

They have a preference for applicants who are able to produce their own work on stage, but do accept scripts that are not backed by a director/producer. Please make this clear on your application form.

What you pay:  LOST is a non profit-making charity and in order to cover the costs of the festival we ask that each company pay a non-refundable fee of £10. This fee covers admin costs of the festival. This is payable on your acceptance of the slot offered and must be accompanied by a £50 guarantee cheque which will be returned once your performance has been completed. The £50 cheque is their way of ensuring that once companies accept a slot, they are unlikely to withdraw. Your cheque will not be cashed unless you fail to perform in the Festival.

What you get:  Selected writers/companies will receive the following support:

  • A performance slot at the venue within the time period given (see schedule). The participant must get-in, perform & get-out within their time slot. The nature of the Festival means that all shows must be available to perform not only on their allocated day, but also at Saturday’s grand finale.
  • A host to introduce and MC the whole evening.
  • A Technical/Dress rehearsal on the days assigned for each category (see Timings). As with the performance slot allocation, this slot is not negotiable. Please ensure all cast are available and that everything required for your performance is available. This will be your only opportunity to rehearse the show in the venue prior to your performance and will also be the time your work is filmed for the on-line vote.
  • A Technical Operator and Festival Manager will be present for your Technical/Dress rehearsal and performance. We do not allow outside technical staff to operate lighting or sound. Outside technical staff may not be backstage unless by prior arrangement.
  • Full administration including Publicity, Box Office and Insurance.
  • Substantial discounts on our normal rehearsal room hire rates.
  • Bar discount cards for all nights of performance.

What to submit:  Your play should meet the following criteria:

  • The Five Minute Festival will not accept any entries of published work unless entered by/entered with the consent of the author themselves.
  • Each production will perform on one evening only. If your production is unavailable for that date you are therefore unable to enter the festival.
  • Each production must consist of no more than 4 cast members.
  • LOST will provide 4 chairs and 2 tables that will be available for each show to use. These will be the only items of furniture/set allowed on stage.
  • No costumes or hand props can be stored at the venue before or after your performance day. So if you can’t carry it to and from the venue please don’t bring it.
  • There is a limited amount of space backstage, and please remember this has to be shared with 9 other shows each night. Therefore we recommend simplifying your show as much as possible.
  • If there is a chance that the running time could exceed 5 minutes, please cut the script down. Shows that are overrunning at dress rehearsal will be withdrawn from the Festival and their work not published online.
  • You must be willing to have your work filmed and publicised on the LOST on-line network. LOST claims no ownership of the work and all rights not directly linked to the 5 Minute Festival remain with you.

How to apply:  Please read the detailed writeup of the Festival Rules before applying.

To apply using their online form, please click here

Alternatively you can download the form and and post it to the following address*

The Five Minute Festival
LOST Theatre
208 Wandsworth Road
Stockwell, London

For any queries, please call the Co-ordinators on 0207 622 9208 or email 5min@losttheatre.co.uk

Deadline:  Sunday 28 December 2014

Source:  Playwriting UK Facebook Group

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