Ten Minute Play Competition from Sussex Playwrights’ Club (£5 entry fee)

The Sussex Playwrights’ Club is now open to submissions for their annual Ten Minute Play Competition.  These plays will be produced at the New Venture Theatre in the 75 seat Theatre Upstairs for 8 performances during the week 17 to 25 July 2015.

What to submit:  Your play should meet the following guidelines:

  • All plays submitted must be a maximum of 10 minutes in length. They should also not be shorter than 5 minutes.
  • Plays must be written for the stage and may have no more than 3 characters in total – this includes non-speaking and off stage interacting characters. Monologues are also excluded.
  • Plays should have minimal set and props.
  • Plays must be the original work of the submitting writer (which excludes adaptations). Plays may not be submitted by an agent or on behalf of the writer.
  • Plays must not have been performed or published. Plays that have received a rehearsed reading as part of their development are acceptable.
  • Plays must be written in English.

All submissions must be accompanied by the appropriate competition entry fee – see submission section.  Writers may submit a maximum of 3 plays.

What you pay:  There is a £5 entry fee for each play submitted.  (Up to three plays are allowed per writer.)

How to apply:  Online submissions can be made at: www.newventure.org.uk/10MinutePlayComp2015

For guidelines on hardcopy submissions, please see their website.

Plays should be professionally set out, double spaced in 12pt Arial or similar font and saved in .doc .docx .rtf .odt or .pdf formats only (please ensure the file details do not include your name).

Deadline:  31 January 2015

Source:  Playwrights’ Competition Calendar

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