Members’ Submission Window – Selected Writers

It’s been an absolute pleasure reading the wonderful submissions we received from our members this year! The talent amongst you is nothing short of incredible and as theatre navigates through difficult times, it’s inspiring to know that the future of new writing is in such good hands. If we can take one thing from the submission window, it’s to encourage you to keep writing; theatre really does need your stories, your voices, and your talent – so keep going!

As those who submitted will know, scripts were read twice and a feedback report was given to each and every writer. Whilst limited resources mean that only a small number of writers could be selected for further development, we hope that you all found your feedback valuable and that it helps you to redraft and take your work to the next level!

We’d also like to say a huge thank you to our reading team, who have worked so hard to read such a large number of plays and write individual feedback.

Initiatives such as these are only possible through support from our members so if you’d like to help us do more work, please sign up or find out other ways you can help here.

Without further adieu, here’s a list of the writers we’re going to be working with in the year ahead:

Mentored Writers

Sally Rosser-Davies

Sophie Mitchell

Simon Bowler

Jayne Marshall

Paulette Holmes

Matt Senie

Harry Cowper

Jonny Kemp

Development Group

Emma Kelly
Janine Greater- Davies
Michael John Simms
Scott Kingsnorth
Deborah Perkin
Keith Orton
Scott Younger
Rhys Hayes
John Foster
Chloe Banks
Jordan Stovall
Charlotte Ashton
Jo Spencely
Christine Aziz
Hugo Plowden


Supported Writers Programme

Elan Garonzik
Kieran Matthews
Vic Bryson
Perri Barley
Jane Sunderland
Doc Anderson Bloomfield
Laurence Rosier- Staines
John Lattimore
Lori Fox
Eddie Martin Coleman
Rosalind Adler
Pippa Gladhill
Emma Baim
Fiona Black
Sue Johnson
Christopher Moore





















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Supported Writers Group

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