Mentoring programme for British East Asians in Theatre & On Screen

The BEATS Mentoring programme is an exciting new programme for emerging and experienced British East Asian writers and directors, funded by ScreenSkills.

The 9 month program will support professional development that responds to a very specific and real industry need: to develop and provide support for British East Asians working in the screen industry. Alongside the mentoring, participants will benefit from a number of complementary industry training and networking events.

Who is it for?

British East Asian Writers and directors who come from various backgrounds [film, television, advertising, theatre, literature and games] and want to advance their skills or transition into a screen based medium. e.g. playwright who needs help entering the television industry, or a screenwriter who wants to transition into writing for games, or a mid-level  television writer who needs support transitioning to prime time television, a director looking to build on their first shorts or make their their first feature film. They are interested to hear from writers and directors from different skills levels – each participant will be bespoke matched to the most suitable mentor given their skills and needs.

The BEATS Mentoring program is supported by ScreenSkills using National Lottery funds awarded by the British Film Institute (BFI) as part of the Future Film Skills programme.

How to Apply?

Please fill in this form to apply

Please email any enquiries regarding this mentorship programme to and find out more details on the BEATS website.

Deadline: 6pm on 17th February 2020

Source: BBC Writers Room


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