MiniMusicals Writer and Composer Contest 2021

“Mini Musicals – Alone on earth“ is a contest for new short-musical-films arranged by Smofa – Skaraborgs Musical and Film Academy, Sweden.

This call is open to all writers and/or composers, no matter of age, gender, place of residence or amount of experience.

A Mini Musical is a short musical film which contains at least 2 different original compositions in style of music and/or songs.

A Mini Musical has to be short, within a maximum of 5 minutes the whole tale has to be told.

A Mini Musical must not have been published before.

The Topic of the contest is “Alone on earth“ and the story shall take place between the years 1910 and 1970.​

You can win:
– 10 000 Swedish Crowns (about 990 Euro/ 1,200 US-Dollar/ 890 GBP).
– A full production of the script including music.
– Publishing of the produced film.

To participate please send a completed script, including a musical recording (doesn’t need to be fully produced) and a signed statement of agreement.

Your script and music for the Mini Musical – Alone on Earth competition must be received by April 30th 2021 latest. No extension will be granted.

To apply or find out more info, visit MiniMusical’s website here.

Deadline: 30th April 2021


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