New! London Playwrights Monthly Zoom Drop-in for members (no extra cost!)

We’re pleased to announce our all new member benefit. To add to the resources, discounts and opportunities we already offer, we’ll now be bringing you a monthly drop-in zoom session!

In the sessions, we’ll be covering challenges emerging writers face, sharing industry tips, and discussing those burning questions you have about playwriting. Members are invited to email us with ideas for topics they would like to cover and we’ll use these to shape the sessions (email us at with your ideas or leave a comment on this post). Sessions will be led by a member of the London Playwrights Team.

Sessions will take place on the first Wednesday of every month at 7pm – 8.30pm (Dates: 6 Oct, 3 Nov, 1 Dec, 5 Jan, 2 Feb, 2 Mar, 6 April)

How to take part: The Zoom link can be found over on the members site here no need to book – just come along! We’ll also post a rough outline for each session based on your suggestions so you know what we’ll be covering.

Cost: included in your monthly membership! Not a member yet? You can sign up for just £3.63 here and get access to this and lots of other benefits (as well as doing an extremely good deed by supporting the work we do for emerging playwrights).

2 thoughts on “New! London Playwrights Monthly Zoom Drop-in for members (no extra cost!)”

  1. Hi Kimberley,
    I have a question inspired by a great dramaturgical report from London Playwrights, regarding Necessary Coincidences, that I would love to join a Zoom session to discuss. (Your monthly Wednesday 7.00 pm time is a refreshing 6.00 am for me in Australia.)
    What techniques are effective to plant essential meetings between central characters and those they must meet, through the course of the story, to progress the action?
    This is a particular problem in one of my plays, because the central characters live in a different part of the world from the characters whose help they must request, and take up. So when all the characters are eventually in the same place, it is hard to make their timely meetings seem less than a series of impossibly fortunate coincidences.
    In everyday life fortunate coincidences are natural, and perfectly acceptable, but making them seem natural and acceptable on stage can be hard.
    And we can’t afford to spend a lot of stage time setting up these necessary coincidences.
    I would love to discuss techniques that my fellow playwrights use, to make these essential meetings in the action seem natural.
    Thank you, and best wishes,

    1. Kimberley Andrews

      Hi Virginia,

      This is a really interesting question and I think it would make a wonderful Zoom session! I will email you to discuss this further and try to find a suitable time to work across the time zones!

      Best wishes,

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