Newsjack on BBC Radio 4 seeking sketches and one-liners (paid)

Newsjack the Radio 4 Extra topical news sketch show, which anyone can write for, is again looking for writers to submit sketches and one-liners for the series.

Read the Blog for more information about how to submit sketches, plus loads of handy hints and examples.

How to apply:  Make sure you read the full rules before you start sending your material…

  1. Download the template(s)
  2. Write your name and email address in the header
  3. Write in your sketches or one-liners
  4. Attach your sketches or one-liners in an email and send to:

Fees:  There is a flat fee for all non-commissioned material (regardless of the writer’s previous experience):

  • £42/minute for sketches. (£21/30 seconds for sketches.)
  • £21 for quickies and one liners.
  • This fee will be for taking all rights in the work on a non-exclusive basis.


Sketches: 12.00pm Mondays from 7th September (last submission Monday 12th October)

One-Liners: 12.00pm Tuesdays from 8th September (last submission Tuesday 13th October)

Source:  BBC Writersroom

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