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Accurate medicine has always been at the heart of Casualty and they take it very seriously with nurses, doctors and paramedics reading and advising on every script as well as on set medical advisors perfecting procedures, pronunciation and prosthetics. Accuracy is their watch word and they would love to find and train more writers with direct medical experience.

As part of Casualty’s 35th anniversary celebrations they are launching an exciting opportunity for frontline medical professionals to have a chance to write their own shadow episode of Casualty. At least one successful writer will have full access to a BBC script editor and input from the Casualty team into their paid shadow script.


To be eligible for this scheme, you must be either working as a frontline medical professional or have worked or be retired from a frontline medical role.

This scheme is aimed at finding and developing writers with medical experience who are interested in writing for Casualty. All applicants must be aged 18 or over, and be a resident in the UK or Republic of Ireland at the time of application and for the duration of the programme.

Individual writers or writing partnerships of two (max) may enter. For writing partnerships, both writers must fulfil all the criteria.



Clinical Lead Dylan Keogh has the day from hell, the ED is jammed, he’s drowning in directives from above, and he has a two very trying cases vying for his attention, one in cubicles which is hard to fathom and the other which requires audacious medicine and quick thinking. Meanwhile David is concerned about nurse morale and is encouraging light-hearted pranks among the nurses to boast their spirits but they do their best to avoid Dylan knowing that the scheme won’t go down well on such a busy day.



Dylan is a brilliant clinician, but his abrupt and tactless manner means he rarely thrives in social situations. When it comes to medicine, he always picks the most unusual cases, and there’s nothing he enjoys more than a medical mystery. Since Connie’s departure, Dylan has reluctantly stepped up as the ED’s Acting Clinical Lead, a role he resents as it pulls him away from his beloved clinical work, and into management woes.

Dylan is the ultimate cynic, and his sarcastic wit can draw mixed responses from patients and colleagues alike. But occasionally, Dylan demonstrates a soft side and a strong moral compass. Living alone on his houseboat (apart from his beloved dog, Dervla), Dylan will always be an island. But sometimes, just sometimes, we see Dylan appreciate the benefits of being part of a great team.


David is a thoughtful and caring man, and although he often lacks confidence, he is a fantastic and diligent nurse. He excels in making patients feel comfortable and looking out for his team, and is an excellent listener (with occasionally awkward humour). David has bipolar, and is strict on his medication and routine in order to maintain control of his condition.

He lives with his wife, Rosa, who also works at the hospital, and his teenage son from his previous marriage, Ollie. While they haven’t always understood each other, David and Ollie have a loving relationship, and David is very protective of his son.


Applications must be made through the BBC Writersroom online submission system – a link to the application form can be found at the bottom of this page.

To apply, you must submit:

• The first scene of the episode (no more than 3 pages max, any reasonable formatting accepted)

• The last scene of the episode (no more than 3 pages max, any reasonable formatting accepted )

• A prose account of the story of the episode keeping tightly to the brief above and showing story progression, medical detail and character. (no more than 2 pages or 1000 words max)

• Writers who are short-listed will be required to submit further scenes at that stage.

• For writing partnerships, the scenes and story outline must be the work of both writers.

Find out more here. 

Deadline: 20 October 2021

Source: BBC Writersroom

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