NT New Views Playwriting programme for 15-19-year-olds

New Views is a nationwide playwriting programme, with around 800 students in schools, colleges and other theatres around the UK taking part. Participants have the chance to develop creative writing skills, work with professional writers and directors, see plays at the NT and submit their own 30minute plays into the New Views competition. Shortlisted plays in the competition all receive readings at the National Theatre and one winning play will be staged at the NT, with a professional cast and creative team.

New Views runs with the academic year October to July with meetings most Mondays during the autumn and spring term.

The programme breaks down into two core components:

  1. A writing programme of workshops, group discussions and theatre-going that      takes place at the National Theatre, and including visits to productions at the NT. Sessions are led by playwright Brian Mullin and director Audrey Sheffield.
  2. A national playwriting competition with all students taking part in the programme eligible to enter their work following editorial advice from professional playwrights.

Each week with you will learn about playwriting through:

  • A dynamic online writing course featuring filmed interviews with NT playwrights
  • Writing exercises
  • Provocations for discussion and playwriting, including films, articles and essays exploring different themes and the connection between theatre and politics

After completing the playwriting course over 8 weeks, participants will have two sessions where they present their writing, informally to other members of the group. After submitting a first draft of their script, they will have the opportunity to receive one-on-onefeedback on their play and help in developing their work further.

How to apply:  If you’re interested in taking part in the New Views programme at the London Hub please contact Liz Bate newviews@nationaltheatre.org.uk with your name, age and why you are interested in this programme.

Please note this opportunity is free of charge and only available to students aged 15-19.

Source:  Arts Jobs

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