Oxbelly | Episodic Program 2023

The Oxbelly Episodic Program is a week-long training course supporting talented writers interested in entering a career in television. Over the course of the program, 10-12 selected fellows will learn the many facets of the role of television writer through a series of simulated writers room exercises, masterclasses and panels.

The program aims to demystify the elusive writers room and to shed light on the role of the writer from conception of a series all the way through production – sharing best practices from contrasting methodologies in TV writing.

The program is open to applicants with at least one professional writing credit on a broadcast television series, online drama series, short film or feature film and to applicants that have published at least one book of fiction or written a play that has been professionally produced.

The program has no cost to apply and all expenses for fellows are covered.

More information here.

Deadline: Tuesday 28th February 2023

Source: BBC Writersroom

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