Panorama Productions is seeking a Book Writer for new musical

Panorama Productions is a new company whose aim to is to foster collaboration between British and non-British theater/music artists here in the UK. Since launching in January, their most recent projects have been produced in partnership with Jermyn Street Theatre and the London Symphony Orchestra, and they hope to continue developing their work in this direction with like-minded and highly skilled collaborators.
What they are looking for:  a book writer for a new musical about the events surrounding the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. The music is being composed by an up-and-coming experimental rock band based in London, and they are seeking a collaborator who is keen to be heavily involved with the conception of the work, it’s story, and the sonic world of the production.
Who can apply: they would love to hear from writers who are interested in working on music work. The writer will be someone who is keen to work with an international group of artists, and eager to have a back-and-forth conversation that allows for an organic integration of text and music. Most importantly, their conception for the piece thus far is very epic in its scope – they are looking for a writer who evoke the personal from within that.
“At this moment in time, this is an unpaid opportunity for the core creatives involved, as this is very much a passion project for all of us.”
How to apply: if interested, please submit your CV and a relevant work sample to
Deadline: 1 June 2019 
Source: direct contact

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